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Author Top Ten & Blog Tour: Fireflies and Hope from the Ocean by PS Bartlett (Presented by GMTA)

Please Welcome Author PS Bartlett to the Blog Today!!

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author

1. Unless you’re already famous for something else; rock star, movie actor, professional athlete—you most likely will not sell a million copies of your book—your first book let’s say. For Joe Shmo and P.S. Bartlett and many other authors, being successful takes a good deal of time, good marketing and a great support base. If you’re hoping to get rich quick by being a writer, you may want to get that record deal or Lakers contract first.

2. You have to have either a very good memory or be incredibly organized. Between scheduling writing time, writing your blog, tweeting, running contests, Facebook pages, email addresses, writing your book and not to mention holding down a full time job, keeping house, cooking, cleaning and keeping your significant other from leaving you due to you forgetting not only their birthday but their name, you may have time to pee and walk the cat—I mean dog.

3. It can be a very lonely career. Writers need a lot of solitary time to write. I’ll admit, I’ve been writing and someone will come into the room and most often they will ask that all too important question, “Are you writing?” but occasionally the matter is important to them. Forgive them because they don’t realize you’re right in the middle of taking down an army of giant trolls and when you read back over what you wrote later, try not to get upset with them when your troll has forgotten to do their homework and needs an excuse note for their teacher or they’ve set the kitchen on fire. 

4. People want your swag. If you’re not an author and you’re reading this, no, they do not want your lovely new curtains, they want goodies that show off your books. There is a bit of an investment involved but it’s oh so worth when your fans want something special to go with their books. Bookmarks, buttons, charms and t-shirts make great swag but always remember your fans love your books and they are going to want some swag so you better have it ready.

5. Getting published is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and other fairy tales). There are literally millions of books on Amazon alone—go look if you don’t believe me. Looks pretty simple doesn’t it? (I’ll be right back I’m rolling on the floor laughing). Even if you become frustrated with the process of querying agents and publishers and decide to self-publish your book, there are plenty of really nice and friendly people waiting in line to take your money and help you do just that—choose wisely. Do background checks if you have to but please be careful. 

6. Depending on which genre you write in, you must do your research. Nero didn’t smoke cigars—neither did pirates. I’ll bet you didn’t know that did you? Okay well even if you claim you did, do you have to be 100% historically accurate? Well yes, you should. Of course you can use your imagination to create new scenarios, for instance Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter but if old Abe whips out his iPod or says, “Hey, pass the Grey Poupon,” I’m sorry but your more experienced reader is gonna close the book on you.

7. I didn’t know authors were zombies. I’ve learned to accomplish more things while half asleep than some people do wide awake—I think. Well I try. Okay I thought I did those things!

8. Social networking is very important but don’t beg. If you’re a new author, currently writing your first novel or even thinking about it, you better have a Facebook, a Twitter, a Google+ and a blog at the very least or you are already way behind. The irony of all of this is under point number 3. I compare this lifestyle to living like a gopher. In the hole, out of the hole. In the hole, out of the hole. We hide and write and in the next breath, we stick our head out, make a bunch of really cool new friends, say hello to our fans and then run back in our holes. Please, just don’t bombard people with “Over here! Look at me! PLEASE look at me! WILL YOU FREAKING LOOK OVER HERE!!!” Build relationships. Support your fellow writers and above all, don’t steal their golf balls.

9. Not everyone likes you and once you’re published, they may like you even less. As we strive to write that perfect, wonderful book that of course everyone wants to read and it miraculously gets published and we’re deliriously happy and sharing our happiness with anyone who will listen on every social media site and at every cocktail party or barbeque we attend, there is someone or someones lurking and guess what—they don’t like you, never did and they’ll be mean to you. They’ll give you anonymous bad reviews or say not so nice things about your book—since it is of course the source of your happiness. The answer to this is very simple. Write them into your next novel and kill them. Done.

10. People will like you and they’ll love your book. The most incredible feeling you get when your book is published and you start receiving feedback from complete strangers as to how good or even great it is will blow you away. Besides the birth of my children and grandchildren, giving birth to my first novel and holding it in my hands for the first time was nothing short of euphoria. Within its pages or gigabytes lies your blood, sweat and tears. It’s an asexual reproduction of your deepest thoughts and your wildest dreams, and you don’t need an epidural or puff puff blow to bring it into the world—however, a little shot of tequila or in my case RumChata to welcome its arrival never hurt anybody.

Title: Fireflies
Author: PS Bartlett
Release Day: April 3th, 2013
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal/Historical Irish Fiction
Amazon Buy Link: Fireflies

About the Book:

However peculiar Ennis Whelan has been for the first six years of his life, not until the day he found the bird, did the degree of his strangeness become so tangible.

Dr. Owen Whelan and his wife Sarah, both Irish immigrants, have been living the American dream, as well as raising seven bright and expressive children. Their youngest Ennis, however, has since birth, been a bit of a mystery.

Ennis was always small, meek and frightfully odd but there is so much more to him than anyone could have imagined. His sister Teagan grows increasingly suspicious of his behavior but their mother dismisses her claims, until the day he starts healing people.

When Ennis ultimately reveals the gift of sight, he questions his father about visions of his past, including his voyage to America in 1844. Owen prayed he’d never have to share those tragic memories but he will share them, when he realizes he has no choice. Ennis’ life may depend on it.

Title: Hope from the Ocean
Author: PS Bartlett 
Release Day: May 30th, 2014
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal/Historical Irish Fiction 

About the Book:

When Owen Whelan revealed his secret, he was set free from a haunting past and an uncertain future for his son, Ennis. However, in order to know the true depths of his heart, first we must follow him all the way back to a dirt road on a chilly and bitter spring dawn in Ireland. Behind the locked doors of his memories and hidden beneath shame, hunger and eventually escape, we learn the true meaning of the proverb, “There’s hope from the ocean but none from the grave.” Owen’s journey will teach him that sometimes you have to cross that ocean not only to survive but to finally find love, life and become the man worthy of your own admiration and respect.

There are turning points in life you cannot come back from but if you’re brave enough, you can begin again.
About the Author:

I was born on Valentine’s Day a long, long time ago in South Baltimore, Maryland, less than a mile from Fort McHenry and Federal Hill. I’m the youngest of eleven children. I’m a very simple person. I love my life and am always striving to make it better for myself and my family. I write, I draw and I work full-time. I also paint beautiful watercolors with my three year old granddaughter. 

I’ve been married for nearly 19 years and together we have two sons and a daughter. I’d call myself a football fan but I mostly only watch my home team, the World Champion Baltimore Ravens. I love super heroes and Superman has been my favorite since I was a little girl. June 2013 the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” arrives in theaters and it cannot get here soon enough for me. I love cats and I have a Maine Coon named Columbus. 


Additional Purchase Links for Fireflies:






Review: Kneading To Die (A Pawsitively Organic Mystery, Book #1) by Liz Mugavero (Cozy Mystery)

Synopsis Via Back Cover of Paperback:

Maybe the best thing that ever happened to Kristan "Stan" Connor was losing her high-stress public relations job. Now there's plenty of time to spend in her sleepy new Connecticut town working on her dream: baking healthy, organic pet treats!

Before long the neighborhood dogs are escaping their yards to show up at Stan's doorstep, begging for the kinds of special homemade treats her Maine coon cat Nutty loves so much. And Stan's pet-loving neighbors are thrilled with the new organic options available to their furry family members. But not everyone loves Stan and her newfangled organic ways...

It seems Carole Morganwick, the town vet, is from the old school of pet care. But when Stan swallows her pride and brings a very unwilling Nutty in for a checkup, she not only finds Carole dead under a pile of kibble. . .but also that she's in the dog house as the prime suspect! Finding the real killer and clearing her name will require some seriously surreptitious sniffing around. . .and hopefully, curiosity won't kill this innocent cat!

Book Details:

Series: Pawsitively Organic Mysteries

Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Kensington (May 7, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0758284780
ISBN-13: 978-0758284785

Sapphyria's Review:

This is Book 1 of a the Pawsitively Organic Mystery series by Liz Mugavero.  It is a cozy mystery with nothing graphic (sex or violence) or disturbing.

After her position is eliminated in public relations for an incident that wasn't her fault, Stan (short for Kristan) decides on a complete change of scenery.  She moves out of her condo in the city and into an old Victorian farmhouse in Frog Ledge, Connecticut.  Her boyfriend, Richard Ruse (who is still employed by the same company that Stan was let go from), is less than ecstatic with her decisions.  His lack of support is a major downer; though, Stan keeps her head up and gives Richard the benefit of the doubt.  Stan's best friend Nikki, on the other hand, is excited for her.  Nikki runs a pet rescue named Pets' Last Chance Rescue and is frequently travelling to southern states to rescue pets on death row.

Stan's introduction to the neighborhood includes awesome neighbors, Ray and Char; local coffee shop owner, Izzy; hot tavern owner, Jake; homeopathic vet, Amara, sign maker, Gene; and a slew of other notable characters.  After mentioning that Stan makes organic pet treats and homemade organic pet food for her kitty, Nutty, the entire town wants in on them.  This, however, lands her in the sights of town vet, Carole Morganwick, who all but drags Stan to her vet clinic for an examination of Nutty.

The morning of the impromptu appointment, Stan walks into the clinic to find Carole dead in an exam room.  Being the newcomer in town, Stan is now the prime suspect since no one wants to believe that the long time townfolk may be to blame.  Stan, then, spends the rest of the novel trying to clear her sullied name (and the murder is just one thing that contributes to that....).

One of the best parts about this novel is that even though the police officer in charge doesn't want to investigate life long residents in the murder of Carole, just about every person has motive of some type.  It's easier to ignore the people who have lived in this sleepy little town and go after the newbie.  Unfortunately for Stan this means false accusations on many levels, investigating unknown people in her new town before she has a chance to say anything more than "hello" to them, realizing that someone in her life may be involved, and being lead astray, threatened, and disliked.

For formerly being part of the cut throat corporate world, I found that Stan was very much the opposite of those types of people.  She was very down to earth, easy to relate to, and very likable.  She was not snooty, haute, or snobby.  She never made herself out to be better than anyone else nor did she put anyone down or belittle them.  

I love the sparks that fly between Stan and Jake from the moment his dog accosts her :)  Duncan is a very unruly pup but takes a liking to Stan from the get go.  When he escapes from home, Duncan always ends up at Stan's house - maybe he's just using her for the delicious treats that she shares - but I think it's more than that.  Izzy has it out for Jake and warns Stan that he's a no good womanizer and to stay clear of him.  I found him to be a great guy that treats Stan a whole lot better than her supposed boyfriend, Richard.

Don't get me started about Richard.  He's - how should I phrase it appropriately for a cozy mystery review?! - a big, fat jerk, in my opinion.  He's a character all by himself and I don't really like him (not because he wasn't written well, but because he's a scoundrel).  I found myself rooting for Jake from the second he came on scene - especially after some of Richard's antics.

The twists and turns that abound in this novel definitely keep the reader guessing.  As Stan finds out more and more information about Carole and her interactions with other townfolk, it becomes abundantly clear that Carole was not a town favorite.  Every time someone is suspected, the author has written the case so well that you can't help but believe you've figured out who was behind the murder.  The perfect murder mystery, whether it's a cozy novel or not, is the author's ability to not give away any clues to the actual person involved.  I found that Liz Mugavero did just that.  There is really nothing that gives away the murderer before the author's specified place in the novel.  Well done!  

I have Book 2 waiting for me and I can't wait!

One of Many Favorite Quotes:
"Around the next bend Stan spotted a cemetery shaded by oaks and maples on a rolling hill......She liked cemeteries, a quirk that her family and friends didn't quite get.  If you thought about it as a bunch of bones rotting in the ground, or a boatload of corpses, sure, it might seem strange.  But she loved to look at the names, imagine the stories of the people and the families and legacies they'd left behind" (Mugavero, L., 2013, pg. 85).

I picked this quote because I, too, love cemeteries.  I don't love them in the same way that others might ~ I don't dance around headstones in the middle of the night under the light of the full moon or wait for the zombie apocalypse or ghost hunt (not that there's anything wrong with any of those things).  I grew up with a mother who did genealogy and part of genealogy is what we affectionately term "cemetery hopping."  Cemeteries are certainly sad during certain times in life, but they are also beautiful and a rich source of history.  I don't even have to know anyone among the plots to enjoy a trip to a cemetery.  I love to find the oldest, and in my opinion most beautiful, headstones.  I love photographing the scenery.  Anyway, thank you for stopping by to check out my review of Kneading To Die, and I hope you enjoy the novel as much as I did.

Review Copy Courtesy Of:  My Local Library

Sapphyria's Rating:

Entangled Brazen New March 31 Releases & Giveaways + $.99 Introductory Pricing

If you like your heroes hot, the sex hotter, and a swoon-worthy romance to swoop in and save your happily ever after, Brazen has the story for you. Sinfully sexy soldiers. Alpha cops who demand control. Sweet guys with a naughty side in the bedroom. At Brazen, they've got the hero destined to melt your... heart. Visit the Entangled website, the Brazen Blog, follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook page, and follow them on Pinterest.

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Melanie Jacobs’s chances for having a family are shrinking with every passing day. Her only comfort is her best friend, sexy cowboy Colton Freeze, but when a heated argument between them turns into an even hotter kiss, the boundaries of their friendship are blurred. But will their new friends-with-sexy-benefits arrangement destroy everything they once shared?

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Possession is nine-tenths of the law. And she belongs to him. 

He's not who she thinks, and he has seduction plans of his own...

When a battle of wills becomes a game of lust, one wrong move could be fatal. 

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Entangled Indulgence March 31st New Book Release Day! $.99 Sale and Giveaways!!

Today is release day for three amazing Entangled Indulgence titles and we are excited to share them all with you.  There's a little something for everyone this month so read on to find out more about them.

All the digital books are on sale for just $.99 for a limited time so be sure to pick up your copy today before they go back to full price!

About the Book

Title: Mad About You
Author: Joan Kilby
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Pub. Date: March 31, 2014

Add to: Goodreads

Purchase Links:

Amazon Mad About You (Entangled Indulgence)


Kobo Books

Accountant Cassy Morris knows she’s putting her heart on the line when she agrees to move in with her best friend, multi-millionaire geek Scott Thornton while she manages his nanotechnology lab and finds an angel investor for his revolutionary new product. She’s loved him forever even though he’s only ever regarded her as a friend. But Cassy never could refuse Scott anything...

When Scott is named Seattle’s sexiest man, the attention from women threatens to get in the way of him finishing his pet project and putting it on the market. Cassy steps up once again and pretends to be his fiancé. A lifetime of repressed sexual tension explodes in a passionate affair. Soon Scott is wondering how he can convince Cassy to turn their fake engagement into reality...

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About the Book

Title: Risky Return
Author: Nicole Helm
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Pub. Date: March 31, 2014

Add to: Goodreads

Purchase Links:

Amazon  Risky Return (Entangled Indulgence)


Blackmail never felt so right.

Celia Grant has spent the last ten years keeping her past at bay, building her Hollywood reputation as America's Sweetheart. When ex-boyfriend Ryan Harrington threatens to reveal her darkest secrets, she has no choice but to return to Demo, Kansas, and the people she left behind. In exchange for Ryan's silence, she will appear in a reality television show that promises to save his family's legacy.

Ryan Harrington knows an opportunity when he sees one, and using Celia to save his family is one he can’t ignore. But he didn’t count on the pull they still have on each other.

Celia reminds herself that she and Ryan were never destined to have a happily ever after ending like in the movies she stars in. But even as the ghosts of her past refuse to be suppressed any longer, she finds herself tempted by the hopes of a love she never thought she could have.
Between secrets, fame, and love, Celia’s made the riskiest return of all.

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About the Book
Title: Hollywood Temptation
Author: Scarlet Wilson
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Pub. Date: March 31, 2014

Find it: Goodreads

Purchase Links:

Amazon  Hollywood Temptation (Entangled Indulgence) 


Kobo Books

Hollywood surgeon Colt Travers needs a new receptionist ASAP.  When the adorable—and completely broke—Selena Harris comes in needing stitches, he takes a risk and hires her on the spot. She can pay off her bill, and he won’t have to answer the phone anymore. They're opposites in every way, and she's exactly what he doesn’t want in a woman—impulsive, carefree, and amusing. He's trying to resist her, but the longer she's around, the further he sinks into temptation. 

Selena never meant to get herself in such deep financial straits. LA has way too much temptation, from high-end shopping to gorgeous men, and now her life is in chaos. But Colt is different—responsible and noble—and although their chemistry is off the charts, he’s keeping her at arm’s length. She's determined to win his trust--and his heart--but will the secrets she's desperately trying to hide ruin their chance for a big Hollywood happy ending?

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(Starts 3/31)

Find Scarlet Online:

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Week Long Book Blitz w/Giveaway: Summoned by Rainy Kaye (Presented by Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours)

 photo onewiththewindbanner_zps89c7c416.jpg

Summoned - Week Blitz
By Rainy Kaye
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date Published: 3/28/2014

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Twenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told—literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.

Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd—assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd—he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can't tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn't the type to tolerate secrets.

Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl's ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming—the wish that will destroy him.

Summoned is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA.


I dislike having to murder someone. Kidnapping is worse. At least when I setup a kill, I know what's coming. No connections, no honesty, no surprises. Everything I say and do are just steps to luring in my victim. Once the victim falls right into the trap, the next move is swift: crushed windpipe, fatal concussion, or a good ol' fashioned headshot.

            Kidnapping, on the other hand, is a little trickier. First, the victim has an opportunity to respond. I don't like this. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they manage to alert the authorities. And sometimes they escape, usually by inflicting bodily harm on me.

            Dead people don't retaliate. Kidnapped ones, well, they're a little more . . . lively.

            The second major difference between killing and kidnapping is my conscience. I get in and out with a kill. We have no chance to bond.

            Abductees require a little more one-on-one. As much as I try to keep the switch turned off, I can't help but listen to their pleas and demands. And I usually realize I'm a jerk.

            That's exactly where I find myself one late afternoon in June. I prefer doing this at night, but moreover, I would prefer not doing this at all.

            Instead, I have a belligerent nine year old girl sitting in the passenger seat of my Honda Accord, shackles on her wrists and ankles and a small stuffed bunny on her lap. She's eying me in a way that makes me self-conscious. Like I'm the bad guy.

            Probably because I am the bad guy.

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Release Day Blitz: Breakshield by J.B. Rockwell

BREAKSHIELD by J.B. Rockwell
Release Date: March 27, 2014
Publisher: The Zharmae Publishing Press

Found at the intersection of life and the afterlife, the Between is a place where science and reason are replaced by magic and violence. It is a place where Typhon and his Huntsman of the Dark Waste spread like a plague and where Talents go to die.
The only thing standing in Typhon's way is Morgan Quendalen and the people of the Shining Lands. They are sworn to protect the last remaining Talents, a precious few who teeter at the edge of extinction. Morgan valiantly fights, protecting these last remnants of magic in a war he's not sure he can actually win.
When Jaime Aster, a mortal Talent with undiscovered powers, is put under his charge, Morgan weighs his oath against a desire to save the Shining Lands. Could he kill a Talent if it meant saving his people?

Amazon Purchase Link:  Breakshield

About the Author:

J.B. Rockwell grew up reading fairy tales, folklore and mythology, as well as anything everything about ancient cultures and their history, and never lost her taste for any of it. Unsurprisingly, her college studies focused on anthropology with an emphasis on investigating mythical events and trying to tie them back to historical fact. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of jobs (much less money) in anthropology so after several years of low-paying, unsatisfying jobs, she went back to school and earned a very practical (and very boring MBA). Somehow that MBA landed her a job in IT and for the past twelve years she has been managing software systems and information technology development projects for the US Coast Guard, a job which is neither boring nor unrewarding. She continues to write in her spare time and has several short stories that have been picked up for publication. Born and raised in Connecticut, J.B. Rockwell currently lives in West Virginia with her husband and two cats, all of whom provide inspiration for her stories, whether they know it or not.


Morgan grunted as he landed and the air flew out of his lungs, leaving him gasping for air. He could feel his lungs working, but for a long time nothing happened. Then he drew a deep, shuddering breath, and another, and another, as he scrambled backwards on all fours, trying desperately to put some distance between himself and the thrashing, screaming bear.
“Run, Kitsune!” Morgan gasped, yelling those words as loudly as he could.
He turned over and dragged himself to his feet, sprinting toward a jumble of nearby boulders with Kitsune hot on his heels. There was safety on the far side of that pile of boulders, but they barely made it there before a deafening boom rocked the area around them and a blinding white flash lit the sky. There was silence for perhaps three seconds after that explosion, and then a strange pattering sound filled the air. Not the sound of the rain that was still falling, but a wet, meatier, splattering sound that was the noise of shredded flesh spraying outward and upward, connecting with the trees above their heads and the rocks all around before raining back down to the earth. When the echoes of that deafening report were gone, and the last bits of flesh had fallen from the sky, the forest went utterly and completely silent except for the sound of the rain falling through the leaves and the harsh rasp of Morgan’s own breathing.
He waited there, crouching behind the boulders with Kitsune at his side, listening to that sound, and then he leaned to one side, peering around the rocks to the place where the bear had been. It was gone now, totally destroyed, its body liquefied by the same explosion that had carved the deep hole that had opened up in the ground where it had lain.
“Holy crap,” Morgan breathed, staring in disbelief at the destruction he’d created.

Blast & Giveaway: Unplanned Motherhood ~ New Comedy Web Series (Non-Fiction Collection of Short Stories) ~~ Lena Sledge

  unplanned motherhood

Unplanned Motherhood

Unplanned Motherhood is a non-fiction collection of short stories written by moms and dads about their funny inspirational or motivational journey as a parent. Unplanned Motherhood is based on the web series created by Lena Sledge.

Unplanned Motherhood is a comedy web series for perfectly imperfect families, starring Lena Sledge as Layla, a wife and mother of five that gives parenting advice on her real life mommy blog. Her unique parenting style contradicting with her perfect parenting advice lends to a distinct brand of humor. With each episode we see Layla teaching her kids life lessons as she discovers more about herself and the advice she gives to her readers. Unique to this web series is the actual blog that Layla writes where she gives the perfect parenting advice and after many of her posts, follows the tag line; to see how I really handled the situation watch this week's episode.

This web series is special because the viewers of the web series and the readers of the real life blog get to interact with Layla and let her know if her advice is on the money or share their own parenting advice. To follow the Unplanned Motherhood blog go to Stay tuned. Unplanned Motherhood debuts March 28th!!!!

If you'd like to submit a short story to be included in the book Unplanned Motherhood, send 500 words or less Short story must be clean, family friendly as well as funny, inspirational or motivational.
Web Series Trailer:


Unplanned Motherhood Cast

Unplanned Motherhood Cast

Starring Morgan Hamilton as Sonny, Stefani Colvin as Brooke, Grayson Kilpatrick as Deacon, Aidan Heuer as Spoon, and Ari Heuer as Ari.  

 Episode 1:


Author Lena Sledge Lena Sledge is an awarding winning author. Her first book, a collection of short stories called If I Had My Way, won the 2012 African American Literary Award for Best Short Story/Anthology. Her short film, Grandma's Hands, won 3rd place at the River City Film Festival in March 2014. Her most recent project, a comedy web series called Unplanned Motherhood debuts on March 28th on Youtube. Lena Sledge has collaborated on many literary projects as well as tv and film projects. She offers advice, resources, and tips on writing, navigating the independent film industry as well as reviews and highlights about upcoming books and authors. Lena Sledge also enjoys photography, you can view some of her photography work on her website as well as Flickr.

book blast button       

Blast Giveaway Details
$100 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 4/21/14 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, March 28, 2014

Entangled Publishing & Pump Up Your Book Tours Presents: Sex and the Single Vamp by Robin Covington - There's a Giveaway, Too!!

Love. Sex. Eternity. 

Dating never gets easier. 

Cici Trent, vampire and media darling, spends her days finding true love for humans and supernaturals (the "Others") at her dating agency. But someone is trying to sabotage her business and she needs help. Unfortunately, the best man for the job is the one who broke her still-beating heart two hundred fifty-four years ago.

Deacon is a patient vampire. He’s only loved one woman in over three hundred years— CiCi— and she chose another. So when she shows up in his office asking for help, he finally has the chance to lay that demon to rest. He’ll help her, but for a price—a night in his bed.

Adrenaline, mischief, and a little late-night B&E light the passion that even a couple of lifetimes couldn’t put out. But Deacon has a secret and when Cici is suddenly mortal, his deception might be the only way restore her immortality. Can love bridge the gap between a heartbeat and forever?

Book Details:

Sex and the Single Vamp
 Robin Covington

Release Date: 3/24/14

Genre: Paranormal Romance  

About the Author:

Robin Covington, who NYT Best Selling authors, Robyn Carr and Carly Phillips, said was their new “auto-buy author”, writes sizzling hot contemporary and paranormal romance.

A Night of Southern Comfort, her best-selling debut novel was named a 2012 finalist in the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards, earned 4.5 stars and was touted by RT Book Reviews as bringing a “fresh, modern feel to the genre while still sticking to the things that get our adrenaline pumping — sex and danger”. When she’s not exploring the theme of fooling around and falling in love, she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Mangianello.

Robin is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Washington Romance Writers, a faculty member at Romance University, a member of the Waterworld Mermaids, and a contributor to the Happy Ever After blog at USA Today. You can find Robin on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@RobinCovington).




Twitter: @RobinCovington




Remainder of Tour Schedule:

March 28
Book featured at Sapphyria’s Book Reviews
Book reviewed and Interviewed at I Smell Sheep
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